LendingClub P2P Lending

Investing is an intimidating endeavor. Make it simple with LendingClub’s peer-to-peer lending. I’ll show you how I’ve managed a 10.33% net annualized return on my investments, mainly working with small investments on low risk notes.

St Louis Anointed for Business Class

Destiny Church in St Louis has an Anointed for Business class. Professionals & entrepreneurs meet to explore God’s heart for the marketplace and unlock their potential as marketplace Christians.

Build a Community: Part 1

You’ve just been appointed mayor of a small town and now have to eliminate a school, hospital, grocery store, or church. Which do you save and which do you close? Join our social experiment today!

Was Jesus Rich?

We tend to picture Jesus as a stoic smelly bum. But is this really an accurate assumption? Discover another side of Jesus, one that is likely very different than what you’ve always imagined.

Wealthy Authors of the Gospel

What do Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John have in common? If you answered “authors of the Gospel” then you’re right. But that’s not the answer I’m looking for. There’s something else these men have in common that is especially interesting and often overlooked.