5 Reasons Christian Leaders Should Cancel Cable TV

I decided to cancel cable television. I’m already richer and a better leader because of it. See how a decision to cancel cable TV can make you a better leader and disciple of Christ.

I’m constantly “in over my head” at work, and it’s not so bad. In fact, being clueless is one of my secrets to success as a Christian business professional.

The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Overcoming Faith’s Dry Seasons

Last week I had dinner with an acquaintance – a Christian business professional and entrepreneur who I sincerely value as friend but don’t see too often. He sat down across the table from me and asked, before anything else, “So,…

Christian Business Professionals in the Prayer Room

Christian business professionals and entrepreneurs are finding their strength in the prayer room.

The Hypocrisy of Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is a movement full of hypocrisy and madness. The real 99% is working their butts off to make ends meet and inspiring genuine change by creating their own jobs, supporting small businesses, and finding ways to survive on less.

5 Tips to Surviving Change at Work

Change matters to our faith and our adventure as Christian business professionals because it represents a time in which Christ is stretching our faith. Surviving change is not easy though. Here’s 5 ways to go from being irrelevant to indispensable.

The Secret to Complaining

Here is the secret to complaining: only complain to the person that can do something about it.

Christian Business & Shekinah

While we immerse ourselves in Christian business topics, we often forget to practice the presence of God at work. Find out how Shekinah can and should revolutionize your faith at work.

Honking, Road Rage, and Hope

Yesterday on my way in to the office I had one of those painfully awkward encounters with a complete stranger. That encounter ended up being icing on the cake for a topic that God has really been challenging me to…

Can Christians have non-Christian business partners?

Can Christians enter into a business partnership with a non-believer? Explore this controversial question with some of our favorite Christian business bloggers.