Greater Seas Vision

Where did the name Greater Seas come from and what does it mean?

Greater Seas is the product of a very personal and humbling conversation I had with God one day. I’ve always been fascinated by two things: boats and business. As I got older the two interests began to converge on one bizarre obsession: mega yachts. Not the most humble things on earth, the idea of owning my own yacht became the driver of my motivation to succeed. And that’s where God stepped in. The conversation went something like this:

Someday you might get that yacht. But not until you live your life my way. Even though the waters you love so much are in fact very beautiful (hey, I made them), I can promise you that someday you’ll sail greater seas than these. Would you rather spend your life sailing on seas that will someday fade, on a boat that could be crushed in an instant? Or would you rather spend eternity sailing seas that contain beauty beyond your imagination?

The concept of greater seas captivated me. I was overwhelmed by the thought of sailing God’s oceans in the perfect state that they were intended to be. Suddenly with that perspective the multi-million dollar yachts made by man, and the international ports they live in, seemed lame and weak compared to what might be in heaven. “I can wait for that,” I thought to myself.

Over time this concept of Greater Seas began to function as a microcosm for my faith. Now I know the thought of a heavenly yacht sounds cheesy. In fact it’s the kind of cheesy that I try to avoid on this blog. But beyond the lame analogy there is actually a breathtaking truth here. God isn’t just promising greater seas in heaven – he is promising a complete restoration of heaven on earth where we are no longer weak, plagued by sin, and separated from our Creator. The Greater Seas vision represents a truth that God has greater things in store for us with Him in heaven.

There’s one more piece to the puzzle here. What good is a boat and beautiful view without people to enjoy it with? I’ve always wanted to have my boat and invite friends and family to travel the world with me on a floating piece of luxury. God took this passion a step further by reminding me that a heavenly yacht, and those greater seas, are only half as good enjoyed alone. If I really want to enjoy that gift, then I better do my best to invite as many friends with me as possible to sail the greater seas in heaven for all of eternity.

So with that being said, will you commit to join me in sailing God’s greater seas? I don’t want to sail them alone. I want each and every one of you to sail with me. Do that by having a simple conversation with God now. Embrace the Greater Seas vision, embrace the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, and embark on an eternal journey that begins now with the way you live your life on earth.

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  • Debbie Gonzalez

    This is an awesome testimony! Thank you for sharing!