Since Jesus walked the earth, God specifically used the marketplace and its leaders to advance the Gospel. Our goal is to explore how God has historically chosen the marketplace to transform lives and how He seeks leaders to again step up and share His love through commerce: the lifeblood of every community.

As you explore God’s heart for business, understand that success in the marketplace and intimacy with Christ are not mutually exclusive. We seek to discover what it means to be anointed for business and the unique opportunity God has given us to transform markets with His love. Come unlock your destiny in the marketplace and become a market-smart and spiritually sharp leader who is empowered to advance the Gospel where it is needed most.


  • Ellery

    Dear sir/madam,

    Shalom and blessings. I want to start my home based business in Jakarta, Indonesia as soon as possible. Can any of your staff let me know how to go about doing this? Because most of these businesses are only in the US and Canada.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Kind regards and GBU.