Meet Bible Bloom

Meet Bible Bloom

Not long ago I was shaking in my boots, anxiously holding my hand over the “Launch” button. You might have caught me doing it with your own eyes because I wrote about the gripping fear in an especially candid and humbling post called Just Launch. Today I’m shaking away that fear, kicking my boots off, and doing a little dance. I pushed the button.

My latest startup, an iPhone Bible app called Bible Bloom, is now available on iTunes. Bible Bloom is an iPhone app dedicated to helping people grow their faith. Through scripture and prayer, we seek to help people encounter God, fall in love with Him, and grow their faith. We measure success not in terms of app downloads, but it terms of how much we help people grow in their walk with God. It’s a beautiful app, a spiritually nurturing tool, and a wonderful testimony of God’s presence in the marketplace.

Just a few days after launch, Bible Bloom is already receiving rave reviews. We’ve seen downloads in countries all over the world, Christians gone-stale rediscovering their passion for scripture, and new believers reading God’s word for the first time. Users have called Bible Bloom the “most beautiful, user-friendly, and spiritually nurturing Bible app on the market”, and we’ve run with that message. I’m drowning in a sea of grace, amazed by an overwhelming affirmation of an idea God planted in my heart.

However as I’ve alluded to on more than one occasion, launching this new iPhone Bible app hasn’t been easy. My path in this venture has been as bumpy as any other: I’ve faced rejection from potential partners, skepticism from friends and family, and criticism for investing in a business that is Christ centered. But God has proved to be faithful, planting a small seed of faith in my heart and ultimately cultivating an idea into a beautiful and powerful tool. I know that this iPhone Bible app is part of God’s bigger desire for the marketplace and for equipping the kingdom of God with scripture in new and engaging ways.

One of the new ways we are in fact engaging people in the word of God is through a feature called Prayer Packs, which are topical prayer guides that help you activate scripture in your life through prayer. As you flip through a Prayer Pack you are encouraged to expand your love language with God and pray with purpose, with the hope that the seeds of prayer would be planted and take root in your heart, and that they may bloom into a healthy prayer culture in your own life. For all our Christian business professionals out there, we’ve got a pack called Faith at Work that you’ll find especially intriguing.

The Faith at Work Prayer Pack is perfect for Christian business professionals because it features over 50 short prayers focusing on your career, company, customers, and competitors. I use this every day as I seek to see the power of God released in my career and workplace. In addition, it helps me develop a healthy habit of praying for my businesses, gain an understanding of God’s heart for the marketplace, and experience the joy of fruitful prayers at work. A lot of the principles you’ve read about here at Greater Seas are embedded in the Faith at Work Prayer Pack.

If you can’t tell, I’m really excited about Bible Bloom. I’m excited because I believe God really does want to equip His kingdom with tools like this, and I am already seeing Christian business professionals using the Prayer Packs to enhance their faith at work mission. In the midst of a shameless plug for this new iPhone Bible app, I’d love to hear what the Greater Seas readers think about Bible Bloom. Check us out on iTunes and at and let me know what you think!