Cows Nervous About Impact of Chick-Fil-A Comments

Cows Nervous About Impact of Chick-Fil-A Comments

Things aren’t looking good for cows, and it has nothing to do with the drought that is strangling America. It has everything to do with the fact that Chick-Fil-A leadership loves Jesus.

Earlier this week, the Baptist Press published controversial comments from Dan Cathy, President of Chick-Fil-A, about the topic of same sex marriage. Cathy’s comments have since trigged a seemingly outraged America, who is trading in their beloved chicken sandwiches for pitchforks and torches.

“We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.”

Given those strong comments from a private business owner of a chicken joint, the widespread outrage is well understood. I mean, the guy has already been pushing our buttons with those healthy(er) fast food restaurants, exceptional corporate citizenship, and respectful employees. This comment about supporting traditional marriage just pushed the whole train over the edge. Those rebellious cows and their billboard vandalism have been on to Chick-Fil-A for years now, and it is about time the rest of us caught on.

This position isn’t new for Chick-Fil-A or Cathy, who also says he is “guilty as charged” in support of traditional marriage. People who knew a lick about Chick-Fil-A before this comment caught fire aren’t surprised by what transpired. This isn’t a secret that finally burst out of the bag, nor is it news. This is a reflection of a concerning reality, where intolerance is used as a means to tolerance, and worse where a whole nation is becoming increasingly offended with God. It’s also dangerously inconsistent.

Why Now?

Chick-Fil-A has always been a Christian business, as far as I know. Their mission statement is boldly Christ centered. They adhere to very strict ethical codes, rooted in Biblical principles. And they are closed on Sundays in honor of the Sabbath, a holy day in the Christian faith. For decades, Chick-Fil-A has been firm and unapologetic about their faith. But nobody is mad about that.

Why doesn’t anybody get mad about Chick-Fil-A being closed on Sundays? Is that not discriminatory against non-Christians who want to eat chicken on a normal day? Why does it take a comment about the structure of marriage to suddenly make people so mad about how Chick-Fil-A runs their organization and spends their private money? Why does Chick-Fil-A let cows run rampant around the country, encouraging the consumption of chicken, without giving the chickens an equal voice? Madness.

People are mad about Chick-Fil-A because they want to be. There is neither consistency nor rationality to the outrage. We’ve got government leaders committing real crimes on the public’s dime, billionaires manipulating the markets so they can afford a third divorce, and world leaders literally slaughtering their own people for no reason. But here we are, mad because Dan Cathy publicly supports traditional marriage. Still.

Truth of the Matter

This isn’t really about Dan Cathy, Chick-Fil-A, or same sex marriage. This is about a more troubling pattern of intolerance of Godly principles. Vehement social criticism of Chick-Fil-A for sticking to their beliefs is the tip of the iceberg for an oncoming era of religious oppression. It is a sign that we as a society are nearing an apex of rebellion against God, one where society no longer dismisses God as irrelevant but actually feels offended by Him.

This is a consequence of a nation that has rejected God. This is a glimmer of what a world without God looks like. And it is exactly the world that the Bible tells us will come to fruition, only it will be dramatically worse that the small sliver we are experiencing today. As a morally liberal society continues to advance in opposition to God, Christians will come under fire like never before. We must be prepared.

My prayer for you today is that you will not be offended by what God does in the earth or by who He is. A spirit of mockery is rising against God and His church, and as children of God, that spirit will be directed at us as well. In the case of Dan Cathy, it already is. Do not be discouraged, but rather be bold in your faith and stand strong in your beliefs. Others will accuse you of intolerance and backward thinking. You will be mocked and in your flesh you will feel doubt. But stand strong and you will find reward in your spirit and in eternity.

That, and some really good chicken at your nearest Chick-Fil-A…

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 5:10