Christian Business & Shekinah

Christian Business & Shekinah

Greater Seas Christian Business | ShekinahThis blog and the dozens of others that focus on Christian business topics hinge on a central theme of bringing our faith to work and seeking Jesus through the marketplace. I believe very strongly that God has an intense heart for business and that Christian business will one day be a commonplace facet of our faith instead of a niche badge worn by progressive marketplace Christians. However, even as we indulge ourselves in Christian business content we often forget one very important thing at the office: Shekinah.

Shekinah is the English spelling of a grammatically feminine Hebrew language word that means dwelling or settling. It is used to describe the dwelling or settling presence of God. I first encountered this word in a worship song at church, and since then have seen it reappear on multiple occasions in my own life. The persistence of this concept has reminded me that Christian business is empty without Shekinah.

In a healthy church, on Sunday we experience the settling of God’s presence. The same is true for those who have a healthy quiet time with God and His word. Our purpose as humans, and children of God, ultimately is to experience God’s presence and worship Him. That is what we will do in heaven among other things. We encounter God in a unique way when His presence settles upon us and it is there we find peace and healing. The settling presence of God is an experience that appeals to the heart, not the mind – and that is why many believers will tell you that the best way to lead someone to Christ is to show them Christ, not explain Him to them.

Even in our aroused sensitivity towards marketplace Christianity, we often forget to allow God’s presence to settle on us at work. The concept of Shekinah is absent in our Christian business discussions. We talk and pray a lot about God at work, and we might even take bold steps to share that faith in the workplace. But very rarely do we actually experience the fullness of God’s spirit at work. Sometimes we aren’t called to take action but to just rest in His presence – at church, at home, and at work.

Today I’d like to propose adding another weapon to your Christian business arsenal. Instead of praying about God at work, simply experience Him there. Slow yourself down and experience Shekinah in your office – whether it be behind your desk, in the parking lot, or behind the closed doors of a meeting room. Don’t limit your life to experiencing God’s presence at home or at church. Also find his dwelling in the workplace and have faith that when you experience God, the rest of your problems will be taken care of. As you do this I’ll be praying that Shekinah come and God releases the fullness of His spirit in your workplace.

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Photo Credit: Rodrigo_Soldon (via Flickr, Creative Commons)