Dream Big. Mega Big.

Dream Big. Mega Big.

Christian Business | Dream BigIn business, the job of a manager is always to maximize the potential of resources to accomplish company goals. As part of the Greater Seas vision, I believe our responsibility as Christians is to maximize the potential of our impact for God’s kingdom. We are called to minister to the marketplace, and we must change our expectations of impact if we want God to transform our businesses, offices, and employees. We need to STEP UP and DREAM BIG. God will only accomplish as much as you dream!

Consider the following example:

Two pastors of the exact same beliefs decide to start a church planting ministry. Both are well equipped, deep into the Word of God, and anointed for this ministry. God has plans for each of these pastors to plant hundreds, even thousands, of churches. The only difference between the two is that Pastor A dreams of planting 1,000 churches, and Pastor B dreams of planting 10 churches. Who is going to plant more?

The answer is Pastor A, because in his case, God can use this person to plant up to 1,000 churches. However, in the case of Pastor B, God will only plant up to 10 churches.

The point of the lesson is simple: Do not limit God with little dreams. Could God still plant 1,000 churches through Pastor B? Of course. But he won’t. God wants people who are hungry for change, and who are willing to dream like He does. God wasn’t dreaming little when he made mankind. He wasn’t dreaming little when he made the seas and the mountains. We should not dream small, or we will accomplish small. Don’t limit what God can do through you because you weren’t dreaming big!

So forget the paddle boats and canoes, dream big. Dream mega yachts!

Photo Credit: yachtfan (via Flickr, Creative Commons)