Dare to be Brave

Dare to be Brave

I believe that in heaven, one of our jobs will be to be brave. And brave we will be.

I need a life that requires me to be brave. I am desperate for one where I’m forced to survive. The only problem is, we conditioned society to never have to be brave or to survive. We set up boundaries, cushions, and safety nets that prevent us from ever having to tap into our true selves. We set up a system where we never have to feel.

Don’t put yourself in a position where you never have to be brave or survive. When was the last time you had to be brave – and I mean really be brave? And when was the last time you had to survive – I mean really survive?

God has given you everything you need to be brave and to survive. Until you feel the rush of truly being brave, or of truly surviving, you will be less likely to take a risk on your faith. That is, you will be less likely to reach out and make a difference. Until you have tasted the rush of survival, you only live to lose. You only live in the fear of being uncomfortable.

My challenge to you today is to find a way to push your limits. Take a drive through a “bad” neighborhood. Walk through the streets of the homeless, buy someone a burger. Talk to a stranger who is stranger than the rest. Make yourself uncomfortable in the company of society’s lowlifes, and then ask yourself what makes you uncomfortable. Would Jesus be uncomfortable there?

The tasks of survival are more extreme, so my recommendations are few for such a dare. In a logical progression, you probably have to be brave before you survive. (Although, some will argue surviving makes you brave.) So go on, and be brave. And when you come back to the comforts of society, you’ll strive to survive. You’ll know what it means to be alive.

And just maybe, in the midst of your discomfort, around strangers and sinners, around society’s forgotten, you will find yourself at the feet of Jesus. I guarantee it will be an encounter with God like you’ve never known.

Photo Credit: ClickFlashPhotos (via Flickr, Creative Commons)