4 Types of Marketplace Christians

4 Types of Marketplace Christians

Experience has taught me that there are generally four types of marketplace Christians. Which type are you?

4 Types of Marketplace Christians

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  • Believe… Marketplace is evil.
  • Goal… Survive the marketplace unharmed.
  • Strategy… Avoid contact with non-believers to escape possible corruption.
  • Others say… “Meh”
  • Impact… None.


  • Believe… Can’t change marketplace, but it won’t change them. Having an impact comes down to luck.
  • Goal… Stand their ground and play to a draw.
  • Strategy… Be nice to people but don’t share faith unless asked about it.
  • Others say… “Nice person”
  • Impact… Marginal.


  • Believe… God cares about business and Holy Spirit will help them succeed.
  • Goal… Create value and impact at work; succeeding in business and ministry. Lead people to Jesus through leadership.
  • Strategy… Holy Spirit led; speaks openly about faith, invites people to church, prays for guidance and favor.
  • Others say… “I’m skeptical about that Christian guy, but I like him”
  • Impact… Effective.


  • Believe… Ability to transform people, businesses, markets, and cities by engaging the Holy Spirit at work.
  • Goal… Change the spiritual landscape of whole organizations in favor of the kingdom of heaven.
  • Strategy… Holy Spirit led; actions speak louder than words, timing is everything, diligently prays for value and impact.
  • Others say… “I really trust that guy and listen carefully to everything he says”
  • Impact… Transformational.