Every Day, I Try To Get Rejected

Every Day, I Try To Get Rejected

Rejection is important. In fact I’d say its critical to become successful. It is the people who have been rejected in a significant way that have also tasted success at an even greater depth.

Most people will agree that rejection is a valuable skill to master. But how many of us actually seek it out? Hunch CEO Chris Dixon is one of those people. In a Founder Series video with Bnter CEO Lauren Leto, Dixon says, “Every day, I try to get rejected.” Sometimes this requires him sending emails to Steve Jobs that never get a response.

To many, putting yourself in the way of rejection sounds awful. Painful. Hazardous. So why is practicing rejection important? The flip side of rejection is acceptance, which is gained through perseverance. Very rarely do we succeed in life on the first try. When it comes to entrepreneurship, you’ll have to fail fifty, maybe even hundreds of times, before you find even an ounce of success. You’ll be turned down by dozens of VC’s before someone says yes. Even more people will refuse to work with you. Skeptics will come out of the woodwork much faster than customers will. And the overarching reality to this phenomenon is that it will always take you much longer to get traction than you realize. Just accept it and keep moving forward.

The better you get at rejection, the more it will make you stronger. The stronger you get, the harder you try. And the more you try, your probability of success increases. Each time you get rejected, you receive feedback – feedback that can be used to refine your idea or product. Even when it is rejection simply for the sake of rejection, you learn and grow. And who wouldn’t benefit from growth?

Successful entrepreneurs have understood the value of rejection since the beginning of time. So have Christians. Just look at James 1:2-4.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

Today I’m challenging you to put yourself in the way of rejection. Make yourself uncomfortable and become familiar with the feeling of rejection. Try something you’re not good at. Ask for something you have no chance of getting. Embrace failure and grow as a person. This is what life is all about – stretching ourselves and growing. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or middle manager, a teacher or a student, employed or jobless, this is an exercise that will instantly make you a better and stronger person. Here are a few ideas. Just do it.

  • Tell a complete stranger about the good news of the Gospel.
  • Find the cutest girl or guy in the room, look them in the eye, and ask for a phone number.
  • Ask your boss for a raise.
  • Tell someone about a business you’ve always wanted to start.
  • Ask a stranger to borrow some change.
  • Write an email to your favorite CEO, musician, or athlete and ask them an interesting question.
  • Ask a stranger if there is anything they need prayer for.