St Louis Anointed for Business Class

St Louis Anointed for Business Class

For those of you in the St Louis, Missouri area – the authors of this blog host an Anointed for Business class at Destiny Church in Manchester. We’d like to invite our readers to join Destiny’s spring Community Life session and learn with a tremendous group of entrepreneurs and professionals just like you who are hungry to transform their workplaces with the love of God. If you’re interested, please visit Destiny’s website for more information and registration details.

(Note: Opinions on this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Destiny Church. This blog has no official affiliation with Destiny Church)

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Executive Summary:
Come discover God’s heart for the marketplace and your specific destiny in bringing the power of
the Gospel to the workplace. Grow professionally and spiritually to become fertile soil for God to
transform the marketplace through your work.

This group is specifically designed for professionals and entrepreneurs of all ages.

Meeting Schedule:
Dates: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Location: Destiny Church

Since Jesus walked the earth, God specifically used the marketplace and it’s leaders to advance
the Gospel. Come discover how God has historically chosen the marketplace to transform lives
and how He seeks leaders to again step up and share His love through commerce: the lifeblood of
every community.

As you explore God’s heart for business, understand that success in the marketplace and intimacy
with Christ are not mutually exclusive. We seek to discover what it means to be anointed for
business and the unique opportunity God has given us to transform markets with His love. Come
unlock your destiny in the marketplace and become a market-smart and spiritually sharp leader
who is empowered to advance the Gospel where it is needed most.

Session 1 – Anointed for Business Introduction
Summary: Establish a Biblical understanding of how God has historically used the
marketplace to advance the kingdom of heaven and what it means to be anointed for

Session 2 – Discovering Your Marketplace Anointing
Summary: Introduces a Biblical framework for discovering and understanding your
specific marketplace anointing.

Session 3 – Mindsets: Fixed versus Growth
Summary: Explores how a shift in your mindset allows you to become fertile soil for God to
grow a marketplace Christian that creates value and impact everywhere you go.

Session 4 – Creating Value & Impact at Work
Summary: Highlights how to create value and impact in a traditionally godless
environment. Details specific methods to bring God’s hope to the office in a way that
people can actually relate to.

Session 5 – Bridging Generations Panel
Summary: Focused on bringing together multiple generations of professionals. A panel of
business leaders from Destiny will share their wisdom and participate in a Q&A panel
where upstart entrepreneurs and professionals can ask questions and learn from their

Session 6 – A Calling to Excellence
Summary: Explores what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur by looking at topics like
personal development, appearance, education, networking, and a calling to excellence in
everything you do.

Session 7 – The Greater Seas Vision
Summary: Looks at why unlimited success in the marketplace and intimacy with Christ are
not mutually exclusive. Provides a unique model for balancing marketplace ambitions and

Session 8 – To Be Determined
Summary: Open week reserved for guest speakers, panels, ideation sessions, or additional
topical discussions based on group needs and wants.