Wealthy Authors of the Gospel

Wealthy Authors of the Gospel


What do Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John have in common? If you answered “authors of the Gospel” then you’re right. But that’s not the answer I’m looking for. There’s something else these men have in common that is especially interesting and often overlooked… Each of these men, who were called to write four of the most critical books of the Bible, were businessmen.

  • Matthew was a tax officer (Matthew 9:9)
  • Mark was an unemployed millionaire
  • Luke was a doctor (Colossians 4:14)
  • John was a partner in a food enterprise (Matthew 4:21)

Mark is the interesting one. How do we know he was an unemployed millionaire? In Acts 12:12-17 we learn that it is at his mother’s house (Mary) where everyone gathers to pray for Peter’s release from prison. You don’t have a crowd over for prayer unless you have the space to accommodate them. When Peter came knocking at the gate, a maidservant named Rhoda answered the door. You don’t have a maidservant unless you’re rich. Startled by Peter’s appearance, Rhoda runs inside without opening the gate. You don’t have a gated home unless you’re wealthy. Peter kept knocking, but Rhoda is now gone, and no one can hear Peter knocking. Nobody misses a man knocking at the front door unless the house is so big that everyone is distanced from the front door enough to not hear anything.

This is one of many examples of God explicitly selecting people from the marketplace to carry out his plans. God could have used someone from within the temple – an educated, religious and philosophical individual – to record the scriptures, but he did not.

  • Do you think God intentionally chose four businessmen to write the Gospels, or is it just a coincidence that they were all called from the marketplace?
  • Does knowing this change the way you feel about your ability to advance the kingdom of heaven from within the marketplace?