God’s Heart for the Marketplace

God’s Heart for the Marketplace

When you think of Jesus, what do you imagine? Most people picture a humbly dressed man better fit for a homeless shelter than a boardroom. They picture a rabbi – humble in appearance, stoic, and mystical. Films like Jesus of Nazareth portray Jesus as a poor itinerant preacher, unfit for the offices of government and commerce. Wrong.

Jesus was a seasoned and successful entrepreneur; far from the mystical peasant we tend to picture him as. In fact, the Bible is packed with evidence that the son of God was better fit to mingle with startup rockstars at South by Southwest (SXSW) than anyone else. Jesus was well versed in core business principles, connected with his customers, and actively participated with the business community. For most of his life, Jesus was more like Robert Herjavec than he was a mystical rabbi.

However the difficult part about understanding Jesus the entrepreneur is that we tend to confuse the meaning of humility. Jesus was successful and humble at the same time – these are not mutually exclusive concepts. In fact what is truly amazing about Jesus was his ability to move between classes so seamlessly and speak with authority among the rich and poor. Jesus first succeeded as an entrepreneur, and then humbled himself by turning it all over to God. However even as he transitioned from entrepreneur to rabbi, the Bible clearly indicates that Jesus never abandoned his entrepreneurial ways.

Understanding Jesus the entrepreneur is critical to our faith because it delivers a new perspective on scripture that enables us to understand God’s heart for the marketplace. God does in fact have an exceptionally compassionate heart for the marketplace and explicitly seeks to advance the kingdom of heaven through the heart of the city. The question is – what role are you going to play in God’s will being done in the marketplace? You’re called to the marketplace and it is your responsibility to discover your destiny there and how God wants to work through you.

Join us at Greater Seas as we explore God’s heart for the marketplace, what your marketplace anointing really is, and what the Bible really has to say about this topic. You’ll be amazed to realize how specific the Bible is about ministering to the marketplace and how much favor God seeks to shine on you in your business or job.